DFB Sports Court Advanced Decision in the Fall Erdmann

The decision in the case Dennis Erdmann is for the time being postponed. On Thursday, the DFB sports court had met and advise against the racism accusation against the central defender of the 1st FC Saarbrücken. The result was left. Only coming week Thursday (14 o'clock) should the trial be continued. For a total of three and a half hours, the three-member panel of the DFB sports court met under the direction of Stephan Oberholz and wants to take the procedure for the coming week Thursday hopefully to conclude. Erdmann is still blocked until the announcement of the judgment for the time being.

I have never experienced that in this violence.

Magdeburg's Amara Condé to the racism allegations

But what had happened? In the third-league game against the 1st FC Magdeburg on 25 August (2: 1), according to several players of the FCM, it has come to racist insults. Erdmann has spent numerous opposing actors in a worst way. Before the Sports Court, the Magdeburger Professional Baris Atik, Sirloid Conteh, Leon Bell Bell and Amara Condé, said as witnesses, spoke again in all ways over the allegations. I have never experienced that in this violence, said, for example, Condé. He himself did not affect, however, had a lot.

Incredible: Erdmann cares innocence

Erdmann rejected all allegations in the negotiation. It's incredible for me, he said. I'm not a person who distinguishes between origin and skin color, said the defensive player who completed: I have never insulted someone racist and would never do that.

Erdmann's lawyer Horst Klichke had requested the adjournment to visualize further evidence, as the matter of his view could not be elucidated. Rather, the former Magdeburger will receive the opportunity to once again visualize the video material and to put more proof applications, the DFB Sports Court Panel Head of Oberholz to interrupt the trial.

DFB Sports Court sees sufficient suspected moments

The referee Robert Kampka responsible for his part, from his own perception did not belong to the allegedly fallen racist insults. Just as little, the Magdeburg side has responded afterwards.

From the DFB Sports Court it is: Due to the importance and the explanance of the matter, the DFB Sports Court Dennis Erdmann admits the requested opportunity to see the video material again after the oral testimonies, and to provide further proof applications. Nevertheless, the Sports Court sees sufficient suspected moments that the player has pronounced racist utterances in the square, so that a preliminary lock is attached.

The new arrivals in the 3rd league


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